Go Explore: Numberblocks

Practise your numeracy skills

Get Creative: Block Builder

Learn to navigate and build in a 3D world

BBC Buzz

A safe and fun creative social app for children

Dare the Monkey

Run and jump across tricky worlds

WeeMoji – Emoji Sticker Maker

Create your own personal unique emojis and stickers!

Jeff the Unicorn

Don't call him cute.

Bunny Vengeance

It's time for bunny vengeance.

Kylo Ren: Force Training

May the 'Force Touch' be with you.

Careers Hub Interactive

Discover your ideal career based on your personality.

X-wing Targeting Computer

A GPS-enabled X-wing targeting computer.

Match Mee

WeeMees taken to the next level.

Monster Dash

A clone of Halfbricks' Monster Dash iOS game.