Make your very own customised emojis and stickers featuring you!

Stop settling for the standard emojis and stickers to convey your emotions and create an unlimited collection of personalised emojis that look just like you, your family, your friends and your favourite celebrities.

Try out the latest fashions, hair, make-up, and more to get the perfect look. Browse through thousands of stylish, entertaining and hilarious clothing options and effortlessly put them together in our emoji builder.

WeeMoji was written as cross-platform app and released on iOS and Android.

It was developed using ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR. My primary responsibility was the development of the app’s next-generation avatar creator, which utilises a vector renderer to keep the app’s footprint as small as possible while supporting thousands of high fidelity assets that users can use to construct a virtual version of themselves.

A video of WeeMoji is available here.