Pre-schoolers can practise their numeracy skills with the help of their favourite Numberblocks characters in Number Magic Run, a new game that’s now available in the CBeebies Go Explore app.

Numberblocks was developed using TypeScript and the Phaser game framework.

One of the challenges of developing Numberblocks was the requirement to capture the look and feel of the TV series while still being able to run the app on memory and performance restricted low-end mobile devices.

Traditional sprite based animation would have consumed too much memory so we opted to use Spine, which is a 2D skeleton animation system. Not only did this reduced the number of textures we needed to use, but it also allowed us to easily work with animations that ran at a full 60fps. Spine’s runtime is also extremely optimised, ensuring that performance was great on even the oldest of hardware.

Core Technologies:

  • TypeScript
  • Phaser framework
  • Spine
  • HTML5 / SASS

Go Explore is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle.