If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning then you may remember a game I started working on called Croc & Dare. It was a collaborative effort between myself and talented illustrator, Steve Koren. Unfortunately neither of us could find the time to get it beyond the early concept stages and as the years have passed it has been largely forgotten by us both.

My brother however always thought that the game’s little monkey hero was a pretty cool character and decided to make his own indie game inspired by Dare. He’s actually been working on his game for approximately a year now and recently started a blog to document the remainder of the development process. The game itself has changed radically from the original concept and Dare himself has also changed quite a bit.

My brother’s a professional 3D modeller and animator, and his mad skills have enabled him to build a visually stunning world for Dare and the game’s other inhabitants. Take a look at the video above to see how one of the game’s earlier levels looks. He’s using Buildbox to actually build the game and I must admit I’m amazed by the actual mileage he’s getting out of this game maker tool.

He’s planning to release Dare the Monkey on iOS initially and is aiming to submit it to the App Store later this year. If you want to know more about Dare the Monkey then please check out his blog. He also Tweets as @darethemonkey where you can follow the game’s development.

It’s great to see something come out of the original game idea. Can’t wait for it’s release!