Yeah you read the title of this post correctly. At the tail end of last year I received an urgent holographic transmission* from screenwriter and best selling novelist Ernie Cline looking for some help with his latest project. Both Ernie and his brother Eric are proud owners of DeLorean DMC-12’s (that’s right, the car from Back to the Future) and were in the process of converting one into the very first Star Wars Time Machine complete with R2-D2. How awesome is that!

So where do I fit into this? Well their Star Wars DeLorean was pretty close to perfect but the guys felt there was one thing missing. That’s right, a targeting computer. Ernie somehow found out about my X-wing Targeting Computer app and thought he’d get in touch to see if there was any way I could help out. The app isn’t available in the App Store but I was able to get a build put together for him to install on his iPhone. So now both Ernie and Eric can drive around in the coolest car in the universe knowing they can take on the Empire any time.

Check out the videos above. The first shows my targeting computer hooked up to the DeLorean while the second shows R2-D2 chirping and beeping away in the back. A huge thank you to both Ernie and Eric for letting me be a small part of their amazing project. Thanks to them my app has finally found a home.

You can find more detail about the Star Wars car on its official blog. May the Force be with you. Always.

* may be an exaggeration on my part.