If you’ve been following my blog recently you may have seen my WebGL experiments that featured some cute game characters that had been created by my buddy Alex. Well those characters were from a game he was working on called Corgi Warlock, and the good news is that it’s now available to purchase on Steam! Yay!

I must congratulate Alex on an amazing effort. He was the sole designer, coder, artist, and animator on the project and has worked quite tirelessly on it for well over a year. I’ve absolutely no idea how he managed such a feat! The sheer volume of characters that he’s designed and placed in the game is simply bonkers! Don’t they look great!

Alex primarily comes from an animation background and created all the artwork and animations for Corgi Warlock within Flash Professional. The game itself was built using Construct 2. He’s got tonnes of great game ideas so I’m really looking forward to seeing what project he moves onto next.

Corgi Warlock is available on Windows.