So the big news today is that Adobe are renaming Flash Professional. From early next year it’ll be known as Adobe Animate CC. This will more accurately reflect Flash’s position as an animation tool for the web and beyond. It’s also obviously an attempt to get around the negativity that is constantly attached to any content produced with Flash.

Given the fact that Flash Professional has been targeting other platforms as well as the SWF file format for a few years now, re-branding was always something that was on the cards. Animate CC will continue to support Flash and AIR as first-class citizens. And as you’d expect, its support for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL will continue to grow. You can find more details over on Adobe blogs.

It’ll be interesting to see the Flash community’s reaction to this, especially those who come from a development background.

  1. Will you change the name of this blog to “Yeah, but is it Animate?” 😉

  2. LOL! Nice one Greg! 🙂 To be honest I should have changed the name of this blog a long time ago.

    Christopher (Author)
  3. Heh, your blog name just became really nice, don’t change it! =D