Poor performance is probably one of the biggest complaints regarding Flash on Mac, but is anything being done about it or was Steve Jobs correct when he accused Adobe of being lazy?

Well after reading a post from Tinic Uro, an engineer working on the Flash Player, it seems that both Adobe and Apple have been feverishly working together to bring a faster Flash Player to the Mac.

What the Frak?! Apple working with Adobe! Yup, seems that Flash support for the Core Animation drawing model was originally driven by Apple and has had engineers on both sides working towards improving Flash performance on Safari.

For those that don’t know, Core Animation is an Objective-C framework that provides a high-performance compositing engine and animation API.

And for those wondering just how much this change will benefit Mac owners, the Adobe engineers believe they will get to the point where Flash Player for Mac will actually be faster than Windows for graphics rendering. For video rendering they expect to reduce the CPU usage on Mac to the point where it is almost identical to PC.

You can read Tinic Uro’s original entry on his blog and you might also want to check out this post from him explaining some of the performance gains.