If you need more proof that Adobe AIR is a viable option for developing mobile phone and tablet apps then look no further than these two great examples. First up is the really stylish Red Bull Illume HD iPad app, which showcases some of the best skateboarding and surfing photography out there.

Next up is Apolline & Léon – a gorgeous interactive childrens book by Avant Goût Studios. Running on iPad, Android Tablets and Blackberry PlayBook, it’s an excellent example of the cross-platform capabilities of Flash CS5.5 and AIR 2.7.

So there you have it. AIR goes from strength to strength with each new release, and with Stage3D hopefully on the horizon for mobile and tablet devices, it’s looking like AIR could very well have a bright future outside the desktop.

*UPDATE: Head over to Lee Brimelow’s blog for an interview with Zoom Productions’ Wolfgang Klopf, the developer of the Red Bull Illume app.