So how’s my X-wing Targeting Computer coming along? Is it finished? Well I’m getting there but you know what they say, “The last 10% of a software engineering project accounts for 90% of the development time”, and it’s definitely turning out to be true for this one.

As well as ironing out a large number of bugs I’ve also started making some changes to the user experience after some feedback from early preview builds. They aren’t major changes but I think they’re required.

I was trying to make everything look as authentic as possible but have conceded that it makes more sense to use native UI components when communicating certain things to the user. However I’ll definitely be keeping these UI components to a minimum so that it won’t spoil the illusion for all you X-wing pilot wannabes out there.

I’m also in the process of changing the Geolocation service that I’m using after being unhappy with my original choice.

So things are coming along nicely. Now I better get back to making those UI changes.