On June 17th (8:00AM PST) I’ll be presenting a one hour webinar on Flash Professional’s WebGL Runtime API. If you’d like to find out how to create interactive Flash content that will run on both desktop and mobile browsers then it might be worth dropping by.

I’ll be walking through the steps required to build an interactive Flash animation, covering the basics of Flash’s WebGL Runtime API and also showing how visual content is constructed and exported. During the session I’ll be jumping between JavaScript coding and some good ol’ timeline work, so whether you’re a developer or designer, there should be something that piques your interest.

You can find out more details and check your local time from Adobe’s Flash Professional Team Blog.

  1. Hi, I was at your meeting this morning, and great job! I showed the meeting to a few members of the Hawaii Flash User Group, but it was so early. Is there going to be a recording of this talk?

  2. Hi John. I believe Adobe will make the video available soon. I’ll also make the presentation slides available on this blog.


    Christopher (Author)