The next Flash Online conference takes place at 12:00pm (UTC+0) on Thursday the 16th of October and it looks like it has a star-studded line up of speakers. Here’s the list:

  • Chris Campbell: Update on recent releases and roadmap
  • Chandra Prakash: VideoTexture support on iOS
  • Neha Gupta: Adobe AIR Cross Promotion service
  • Ajay Kumar Shukla: What’s new in Flash Professional CC
  • Rob Bateman: Away3D
  • Josh Tynjala: Feathers
  • Daniel Sperl: Starling
  • Ariel Nehmad: Flare3D
  • Zwetan Kjukov: Redtamarin

It’s great to see a heavy presence from Adobe again. I’m really looking forward to Chandra Prakash’s presentation about iOS video texture support, and Neha Gupta covering AIR’s recent cross promotion service.

There’s some great Stage3D coverage too. From a 2D perspective, Daniel Sperl will be talking about the Starling framework, and Josh Tynjala will be on hand to cover the latest with the Feathers UI library. Away3D and Flare3D are probably the two most popular 3D libraries so it’s great to see that Rob Bateman and Ariel Nehmad will be speaking too.

Finally, Zwetan Kjukov will be covering the latest development with his redtamarin project, which aims to support the use of ActionScript 3 within the command-line. Essentially the project will let you run ActionScript 3 as a server-side solution.

Looking forward to it.