Here’s a really nice browser-based Flash game that has just been ported to iOS and Android. Age of Defenders is a real-time multi-player tower defence game built with Flash and Adobe AIR. One of the really nice features of its online play mode is that you can do battle with other players across multiple platforms. I think you’ll agree that Age of Defenders looks gorgeous and it will also be available soon for Blackberry Playbook, which demonstrates the cross-platform strengths of AIR.

One thing that does concern me slightly, and it’s also the case with the excellent Machinarium, is that lower-end devices such as iPad 1 seem to be excluded from the party. This is a real shame as the iPad 1 is certainly no slouch and it does show that perhaps AIR isn’t quite there performance-wise yet. I’m personally hoping that Stage3D and the Starling framework will help in this regard when they eventually make it to AIR for mobile. However, for those with the right hardware, it’s a really nice gaming experience.

For an interview with the Age of Defenders lead developer, head over to Adobe Gaming Evangelist, Tom Krcha’s blog.

  1. im from the developers, thank you for the review. you are right – we will be able bring the game to ipad1 when the starling does the magic 😉

  2. That’s excellent news and thanks for the update!

    Christopher (Author)
  3. As a 10+ year vet of Flash, and AS3 programmer, it pains me to disagree with one crucial comment in this post. That is the statement about crossplatform goodness.

    We agree that unfortunately perception is greater than fact, no? If so, Flash Player adoption will be less than 50% in 3 years. Adobe has largely and sadly surrendered the argument of cross platform development. So I pause when promised app development is different.

    You know the shame on me expression, right? I refuse to be burned twice. Am I wrong?

    Joe H
  4. hi joe, imo development of the games for flash is the future of the industry. no other solutions offer you what flash does – ability to port to various platform, without necessity to install anything. with starling/stage 3d, i believe AAA games in flash will be the standard (in years to come)