I was flicking through the latest issue of .net magazine when I came across a great article by Hoss Gifford talking about his ten favourite uses of Flash. Covering everything from Molehill to AIR for iOS, this four page article makes it very easy for even the biggest cynic to get excited about the Flash platform. We often forget that Flash’s usefulness extends far beyond the web and Hoss does a great job of reminding us of this by describing some fringe uses of the platform.

I had the pleasure of working with Hoss a few years back on some really revolutionary Flash mobile work, and it’s pleasing to read that he feels Flash definitely has a future when it comes to mobile. He certainly doesn’t suggest you completely ditch native development, but states that it has a use for those wanting to target multiple devices such as iOS, Android and Playbook with a minimum of customisation.

It’s a good article and the magazine’s definitely worth a few pounds of your hard earned cash.

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    Allen Stuart