Matt at Frosby Games sent me over the follow-up to their Frosby Learning Games app. Designed for 2-5 year olds and approved by teachers, Frosby Learning Games 2 is packed full of fun mini-games that will keep your kids coming back for more.

Each game teaches children new skills through play, with fun activities that will kick-start their imagination and introduce them to problem solving. There’s a wide range of tasks to be completed including tickling sea monsters, spotting differences, building and driving cars, matching colours, negotiating mazes, and even making pizza!

Ultimately Frosby’s aim is to educate through the use of characters, storytelling, and humour. From watching my little nephew’s reaction as we played together on my iPad, it’s clear they have succeeded. While some of the later games are a little too advanced for him (he’s only two) he does seem to be thoroughly entertained by this app and is more than happy for Uncle Christopher to take the reigns for the more challenging mini-games. It’s definitely something he seems happy to keep coming back to.

From a technical point-of-view, I was impressed by Frosby’s integration of Box2D within many of their games. It reminded me somewhat of Toca Boca, who quite often put physics based play to excellent use within their own apps. Great stuff and another good example of what small development teams can make with the Flash platform.

Frosby Learning Games 2 is available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.