It’s been quite some time since I updated you on the progress of my X-wing Targeting Computer app, and to be honest this post will likely be the last on the subject. So what exactly have I been up to over the last few months? After all, wasn’t it more-or-less ready for release on the Android Market?

Well yes it was, but as a few people had pointed out, simply releasing an application based on someone else’s intellectual property without getting their permission isn’t likely to end well for me. So I thought I’d go down the legitimate route and actually contact the licensing division of Lucasfilm. After all, the app was just too cool for them to possibly say no to me. Right?

Anyway, rather than bore you with paragraphs of text I thought I’d do this little comic strip telling my story of how things went when I eventually got in touch with them – which wasn’t easy by the way. I’ve decided to use Darth Vader to play the role of Lucas Licensing for this one. As usual, I’ll simply be played by myself. Anyway, enjoy.

So there you have it, my hopes and dreams of getting the app out to you guys have been crushed. I guess I was being a touch naive thinking I could actually get it out there but the reaction was just so positive from everyone that I started to think there was actually a real possibility it could happen. It’s also a shame that the iPhone version I’d been working on won’t see the light of day either.

Looking on the bright side though, it’s been an incredible experience and was actually a really great project to work on. Positive things have come from the attention I received and it was fun being kinda famous on the web for a few hours. I even received an email from a dude who played a Naboo Starfighter pilot! How cool is that!

Sorry to disappoint everyone, and thanks for the encouragement and overwhelmingly positive response to the initial video I posted all those months ago.

May the Force be with you all.

  1. That rips my knitting.

  2. This is very sad to hear, especially with the overwhelming number of (what I’m sure are unlicensed) Star Wars / Lightsaber apps already in the market I’m surprised they wouldn’t license something like this.

    Wishing you could just make it available, but wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for it…

    Christopher Heuer
  3. You know… if that app were to happen to be uploaded onto rapidshare… Lucasarts might never know.

  4. Man, that’s sad news 🙁
    To think that if you had not published this in a blog, and received so much publicity from it, you could just “sneak it” into the Android Market and no one would ever know (proof is the thousand of “star wars” unlicensed apps in the Market right now!)

    Lo Zeno
  5. I agree with Lolotov and Lo Zeno!

  6. Well, at least they can’t stop you from using the software yourself, and come to think of it, it might be even more awesome to be the only guy on the planet who has that GPS!

    Good luck to you, the original video alone still makes me grin, so your efforts were not wasted. The Force is strong with this one!

  7. Dude, let it leak. You could totally pull of the “my computer got hacked” story. And at the very least, you could hook us commenters up with the app so we can side load it. Lucas is too busy killing the ending to our favorite childhood movies (see bluray ending of return of the jedi) to sue you.

  8. How about release the force… ooops source? 😉
    In that way you’re not responsible of misusing app.

  9. Damn, cant believe after all this work it got canned :/ Part of a team modding a game to Star Wars (FirstStrike, a mod for BF2142) and we got permission from Lucasarts to do so provided it was done not for profit :/ May be worth trying them again?

    Was really looking forward to trying to get a hold of this, even just having the clock would be cool!

  10. Did you receive expert legal advice before you made this decision, or are you going on the advice of people who are not lawyers? You may not actually need the permission of Lucasfilm if you release your app for free. Copyright laws are generally enforced against the unlawful *commercial* distribution of intellectual property. You may have stronger legal standing than you realize. Virtually all first time legal consultations are free – you should get in touch with the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation –; you could have rights here you don’t know about.

  11. Dude, at the vary least upload the source to github. There is no way you’d get in trouble if it wasn’t even compiled. Don’t let this thing die man, I’ve wanted this app forever.

  12. 13 points of difference are required to circumvent copyright, or the use of the ‘fair usage’ clause..which if the proceeds went to charity , you would be invoking said fair usage.. and making a lot of people happy.. and gaining a great rep too 🙂

  13. Starwars tells the tale of a small group of rebels fighting against an oppressive regime…

    Dude, get it virul please..asap ??

  14. Noooooooooooooooo. I drive for Uber and would love this app. I would march into the detention area to have this. You’re my only hope!

  15. Have you tried getting in touch with them again? Since Disney bought LF, they might be more receptive to licensing apps now.