No this isn’t another newspaper ad by the guys at Motorola. Apple has just done a complete U-Turn and are now allowing Flash apps back onto the App Store after having relaxed their app-developer restrictions.

I suspect Adobe are running around right now trying to get the iPhone Packager team back together again. I believe there’s a lot of unfinished work that got shelved after Apple’s original changes to the iOS Developer Program license.

I think the iPhone Packager is a great idea but it will need significant work if the majority of Flash developers are to get anything from it. Developing for mobile is a completely different ball game and it’s actually very easy to create Flash content that runs poorly on iPhone. I’m still hopeful we’ll see some great content from the Flash community, but I’m praying the weaker content that doesn’t show the platform off in a positive light gets weeded out by Apple’s App Store Review team.

If you’re interested in maximising Flash performance on iPhone then why not take a peek at my iPhone Render Performance Tutorial. It explains how to take advantage of the iPhone’s GPU and should help get you in the correct mindset for mobile development.

Exciting times once again for Flash developers. Although let’s hope Adobe don’t neglect the excellent work they’ve been doing on the Android platform.

  1. Ye, i hope they do something about preformance. I am getting amazingly frustrated about it. Maybe i’ll start learning it the apple way then. It’s an easy way via flash but absolutley not the best way.


    Quintus Kilsdonk