It seems every man and his dog is using Git for version control these days and I’d been feeling a tad left out of late. You see I’ve been using Subversion for close to seven years now both for personal projects and at WeeWorld (we used SourceSafe in the very early days but that’s best forgotten). And previous to all that I used CVS in various other jobs. For some reason however, Git always seemed like a mysterious dark force that was best left alone.

Well I finally decided to actually spend a few days getting to grips with Git and I must say it’s actually pretty straightforward. Git’s branching model is really nice and I love the fact that I can very quickly create and work with new branches, and just as easily switch between branches. Being distributed, most operations are performed locally, making it much faster to work with than the likes of SVN, which always requires communication with a server. In fact, there were quite a few times recently when I had no internet connection but was still able to happily work away.

I’m certainly no Git expert but hopefully I’ve got my head around the basics and I’ll continue to use it for personal projects. I got myself setup with a Bitbucket account which lets me create unlimited private repositories with up to 5 users. I’ve actually mostly been using the command line at the moment but I also have the SourceTree client. Oh and I bought and flicked through the pages of Git – Version Control for Everyone, which I thought was a very good introduction.