It’s always good to learn new things, and to help you do just that, I’m putting three really great books by Packt Publishing up for grabs in my latest competition: Unreal Development Kit 3 Beginner’s Guide by Richard J Moore, Xcode 4 iOS Development Beginner’s Guide by Steven F Daniel, and Android 3.0 Animations Beginner’s Guide by Alex Shaw.

Here’s a little more information about each book.

Xcode 4 iOS Development Beginner’s Guide

  • Learn how to use Xcode 4 to build simple, yet powerful applications with ease.
  • Each chapter builds on what you have learned already.
  • Learn to add audio and video playback to your applications.
  • Plentiful step-by-step examples, images, and diagrams to get you up to speed in no time.
  • A practical guide to building your own fun and exciting iOS applications rapidly using Xcode 4.

Android 3.0 Animations Beginner’s Guide

  • The first and only book dedicated to creating animations for Android apps.
  • Covers all of the commonly used animation techniques for Android 3.0 and lower versions.
  • Create stunning animations to give your Android apps a fun and intuitive user experience.
  • A step-by-step guide for learning animation by building fun example applications and games.

Unreal Development Kit 3 Beginner’s Guide

  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips for creating your first level and game environment.
  • Clear step-by-step instructions and fun practical examples.
  • Master the essentials of level design and environment creation.

So how do you go about winning one of these books? Well the rules are simple:

  1. First, decide which book you’d like then head over to its official page (links are at the top of this post) on the Packt Publishing website.
  2. Read over the book’s details then pop back here and add a comment to this page stating the book you’d like and one feature of it that makes you want to own a copy.
  3. Tweet a link to this page on Twitter. To make your life easier, here’s a tweet I made earlier.

Each winner will receive an eBook version of their chosen title. Feel free to submit an entry for more than one book.

The contest will close on December 4th at 11.59pm GMT. Winners will be contacted by email, so please remember to use your real email address when you add your comment.

Good luck!

The competition is now closed and comments have been disabled. The winners will be contacted.

  1. Android Animations – For the hardware accelerated 3D graphics stuff!

    Stu L
  2. Unreal Dev Kit 3 is a fantastic engine, packed full of features just waiting to be exploited. I’m really interested in the UR3 scripting elements, and giving that engine a shot. So far worked on Unity, Ogre3D and a few others, UR3 Engine is the next to crack.

  3. Android.. definitely android. Seems to cover game animation, which is something I’ve been meaning to poke my nose into.

  4. Unreal Development Kit 3 Beginner’s Guide please. The reason? Because I know nothing about it. I have played about a little with Unity but would really like to see what the big boys use.

  5. I’d like to have a go at the Unreal Dev Kit 3 please. Since I’m a designer who’s new to coding AS3 in Flash, I want to see how far I can go. Creating worlds is something I’d love to do. I’ve dabbled in Maya, but this is something that I can use with Flash.

  6. I’m also interested in the iOS book. I’d like to compare it as an alternative to making apps in Flash. I’m sure there are some things, such as using sound, that are much easier to do than in flash. But I may be wrong!

  7. Android 3.0 Animations Beginner’s Guide. Although i’m not an animator/illustrator, knowing about how animations are incorporated into android apps is invaluable for making the integration of such into games as seamless as possible.

  8. The Xcode book, cause I want to know more about developing for Mac/iOS.

  9. “X-Code 4 iOS,” because I am eager to take a good look at Objective-C and Cocoa to see whether or not my proficiency in ActionScript will be of any help in writin native apps for iOS.

  10. Good Lord. Of course I meant “writing” not “writin.” maybe I should get a book on typing plain old English instead.

  11. Can never know too much about UDK so yeah I’d love to take a look at this one, especially the section on “Cutting edge UDK High Level Scripting.”