The Pets Factor TV show features families and their domestic pets, and how they are supported by their local vets. Furry Friends gives kids a fun, virtual experience of caring for their own rescue pet—giving them some understanding of the responsibilities and joy of having their own furry friend through fun gameplay.

Furry Friends was written in ES6 using the Phaser game framework. Using ES6 rather than vanilla JavaScript gave just the right amount of syntactic sugar, which made development enjoyable and relatively straightforward. The UI layer was built using HTML, jQuery, and CSS to ensure a responsive experience across various screen sizes.

The project was delivered as a web game rather than an app, but we didn’t restrict ourselves just to desktop – Furry Friends also runs on mobile browsers as well as desktop. In fact we even managed to get it running on some fairly low-spec devices including iPad 2. And thanks to the fact that Furry Friends runs in full-screen mode on mobile, you could easy mistake it for a native app.