ActionScript to JavaScript Communication

Although limited, the StageWebView class makes it possible for an app to directly call a JavaScript function embedded within an HTML page. Let’s walk through the steps required to call a JavaScript function from ActionScript. This tutorial is a previously unreleased recipe from Flash iOS Apps Cookbook and supplements the content found in Chapter 11, […]

Overlaying AIR 3.2 for Flash Professional CS5.5

AIR 3.2 has been released so it’s time once again for me to update my AIR Overlay tutorial for Flash Professional CS5.5 users. So if you’d like to use the AIR 3.2 SDK from within Flash Professional then click through to the following post: Overlaying AIR 3.2 SDK for Flash Professional CS5.5.

Default Deployment Settings in Flash Pro CS5.5

If you’re working your way through the code samples provided with Flash iOS Apps Cookbook then you may receive the following error when trying to publish each of the FLAs: It seems that when working with FLA files that were authored by someone else, your own copy of Flash Professional won’t try to use the […]

Setting iOS App Name from Flash CS5.5

If you’ve overlaid the latest AIR SDK onto Flash Professional CS5.5 then you may have noticed that it’s no longer possible to set your app’s Home screen name from the AIR for iOS Settings panel. Previously the value of the App name field was used to set the application’s screen name. For example, setting the […]

Overlaying AIR 3.1 for Flash Professional CS5.5

I finally got round to updating my AIR Overlay tutorial for those who would like to take advantage of the AIR 3.1 SDK from Flash Professional CS5.5. Check it out and let me know if you find it useful: Overlaying AIR 3.1 SDK for Flash Professional CS5.5.