Flash Roadmap Whitepaper

Adobe released its eagerly anticipated whitepaper outlining the future direction of Flash and AIR. With the desktop Flash Player fighting a losing battle against HTML5, and the mobile player dead, it’s no real surprise that Adobe has decided to focus on gaming and the deployment of premium video. Personally I think this is a good […]

Starling Experiment

I’ve been playing with the Starling framework and so far the performance on desktop has been pretty good. Here’s a little experiment I bashed together. Just click on the little rotating sprite then watch all hell break loose. Oh and once things get a bit hectic, run your mouse over them to create some nice […]

Vlad’s Vampire Bats

The Flash platform has had some success with children’s interactive books and here’s another one that’s arrived just in time for Halloween. Vlad’s Vampire Bats tells the story of Vlad; a lonely vampire with a problem: everything he touches turns into a bat. You’ll be taken through 17 screens of animated fun, lighting candles with […]

Learn AS3 for Free

So I think you’ll agree that ActionScript has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a simple scripting language for controlling timeline animations. However, while each new version of the language has been accepted with open arms by developers, creatives have been less willing to embrace it. This is a terrible shame, because […]

AS3-like features in JavaScript

Is the thought of writing web applications in JavaScript getting you down? Does it bring back all the horribly memories from the dark days of ActionScript 1? We’ll it does for me, which is probably why Jangaroo makes me feel all warm and happy inside. What is it? Well basically it allows JavaScript to adopt […]

Bye Bye Yahoo! Maps API

Some real bad news if you’re a Flash developer who uses Yahoo’s excellent ActionScript Maps API. Yahoo! are closing the service as of September 13th. It’s not just the ActionScript APIs that are for the chop, here’s the full list: ActionScript 2 & 3 APIs AJAX Maps 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 REST API (Map Image API) […]

Building iOS Apps with Flash’s Help

We recently released, Cweeture Jump, our first in-house iPhone game. Although we rely heavily on Flash at WeeWorld, Cweeture Jump was actually written natively using Objective C for a number of reasons. Interestingly though this didn’t mean that Flash was entirely removed from the equation as our art team opted to continue using it to […]